Our Mission

Redefine real estate in the consumer’s favor

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Redfin got its start inventing map-based search.

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Everyone told us the easy money was in running ads for traditional brokers, but we couldn’t stop thinking about how different real estate would be if it were designed from the ground up, using technology and totally different values, to put customers first. So we joined forces with agents who wanted to be customer advocates, not salespeople. We deepened our technology beyond the initial search to make the home tour, the listing debut, the escrow process, the whole process, faster, easier and worry-free. And we gave customers more value, not just by saving each thousands in fees, but by investing in every home we sell, by measuring our performance and improving constantly.

This is how real estate would be if it were designed just for you, because, well, it was.

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Our values

Our company values represent the behaviors that will help us achieve our mission and unite Redfin culture.

Our values

Our company values represent the behaviors that will help us achieve our mission and unite Redfin's culture.

Honorable: Do The Right Thing

Any decision that’s a moral decision isn’t a decision at all: do the right thing. This is the foundation for our values.

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Our values

Our company values represent the behaviors that will help us achieve our mission and unite Redfin's culture.

Fire: Redfin is Real Estate Redefined

Our mission is to redefine real estate in consumers’ favor.

Put Customers First

The standard by which we judge Redfin software and service is whether we create a competitive advantage for our customer, not just ourselves. We tell the whole truth about the market, the property, and our own capabilities, even when it costs us a sale.

Change the Game

We wouldn’t have been able to triple real-estate agent productivity if we hadn’t first tried to automate a home sale entirely. We bet big on fundamental improvements in how people find their next home.

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Wow: Dazzle Our Customers

Another website, agent or lender is one tap away. This is why, in our software and our service, the goal isn’t just technical perfection. We have to brighten others’ day.

Heart & Soul

We meet customers after the death of a parent or the birth of a child, at the beginning or end of a relationship or a career, giving them safe passage to a new life. The energy to do all this can only come from joy and love. Like any job, Redfin can be a grind. But the people of Redfin are full of love.

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Rally: Rabid Squirrels

In our early days, a journalist explained how we could compete against giants, posting a picture of a jogger being attacked by a rabid squirrel named “Redfin.” We can win only by being focused, frugal and fast.

Profits Fund Our Purpose

Anyone deciding how we spend our time or money has to know which decisions are profitable. Profits sustain the growth of our company, our people and our mission.

Find a Way to Win

Each customer’s success depends on an agent finding an honorable way to win. This is why we hold our employees accountable for results, not effort. Since the rationale for employing our own agents and lenders is better service, we hold each team member to the highest standard.

Culture of Dissent, Bias for Action

It’s good to identify a problem no one wants to talk about, but also insufficient. Everyone at Redfin can be a leader, proposing and enacting solutions. After we disagree, we commit whole-hog to a decision. Reversible decisions can be made quickly. Small teams can do great things.

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Genuine: One Redfin

Most tech companies don’t employ the people who actually serve the customer. But we can make a move come off without a hitch only when the people behind our technology and service work together.

Everyone Is Welcomed & Respected

Talent is equally distributed between people of different races, genders, ages, sexual orientation and military status, but professional success hasn’t been. We reach out to customers others disregarded; we build up colleagues who elsewhere might have felt torn down.

Everyone Sweeps the Floors

Our culture’s defining characteristic is humility. From interns to execs, we take late-night customer calls and sweep out garages and make sure every contract detail is right.

We Not Me

Real estate can be an every-person-for-themselves business. Not Redfin. We come together to solve problems that divide others. We never say “I” except to say “it’s my fault.”

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Our Culture

Our benefits help you to find balance between work and life.
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Life at Redfin

Get a glimpse of what it’s really like to work at Redfin.
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Redfin Diversity

Where diverse perspectives feel at home.
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Community Impact

Redfin Rise believes in the power of our people to help drive social impact.
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